vegas, no baby!

When the besties invite you to join them in their two-bedroom penthouse at the Vdara in Vegas to celebrate their anniversary and your hubby’s birthday, you immediately accept their invitation….and then suddenly remember that you’re a parent and a mild panic attack ensues over the idea of leaving your little overnight for the first time. But my husband and I made a promise to each other that we wouldn’t become “those parents.” So, we booked our flights and put the wheels in motion for my mom to watch Juliet for 3 days/2 nights, while we escaped for Sin City!

After approximately 1,000,000,000 smooches, we headed for the airport to start our vacation!

We arrived at the Vdara Hotel on Thursday afternoon and checked in to our suite, which had an amazing view! The Vdara Hotel is a smoke-free hotel without a casino. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy losing money while mindlessly pressing buttons on a slot-machine as much as anyone else does, but it’s nice to get away from that and enjoy a quieter smoke-free atmosphere for a bit. Our package came with a day pass to their spa (no treatments).  We spent some time at the spa on Saturday morning. This was the hubby’s first time at a spa! WHAT?!?! I know! Seriously! And he quickly realized what he has been missing out on. He has now requested that we add on a dry sauna to our house! The spa at the Vdara is quite nice, but is somewhat limited with a hot tub and two saunas. My last day spa experience was at The Grand Wailea on Maui, so this paled in comparison, but I think pretty much any day spa wouldn’t hold a candle to The Grand. In short, the Vdara is a fabulous choice for those who wish to get away from the smoke and constant noise of casino life in Vegas.

Now for what we really came to Vegas for…the food! The highlights were breakfast at Hash House A Go Go and dinner at Beauty & Essex. We also enjoyed lunch at China Poblano.

Hash House is known for pancakes as big as a man hole cover and it did not disappoint. Breakfast isn’t really my jam, but I enjoyed their ranchero breakfast, while others in our group indulged in pancakes and some divine accompaniments. If you plan to visit Hash House in Vegas, I highly recommend making a reservation. There were easily 50 people waiting when we arrived at 8am….and we were immediately escorted to our table, leaving all those non-planners in our dust! #paystobeaplanner

The ultimate highlight of our trip was Beauty & Essex at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. When you enter, you literally walk in to a pawn shop where you are invited to peruse the items in the store or walk through the door to the left to enter the restaurant. If you didn’t know it was a restaurant, you would just think it was a random store in the hotel selling items that were hawked by gamblers who sold their jewelry for money to spend in Vegas! But so much more awaits you behind that door to the left. The ambiance is fun, loud and as decadent as the food. The menu is primarily tapas style, which is a lot of fun if you are traveling with other foodies. We ordered the tuna poke tacos, jeweled steak toast, jeweled bone marrow toast, spanish chorizo arancini, thai-styled shrimp, onion rings, chorizo macaroni & cheese and the ravioli…and we had zero regrets about our decisions. My only regret was that it wasn’t until about 99% of the way through dinner before I remembered that I am a blogger, so I forgot to take pics along the way. So here’s all I’ve got as evidence of our foodie shenanigans.

Long story short, if you’re a major foodie who doesn’t mind a louder than average restaurant experience, Beauty & Essex is a must-visit on your next trip to Vegas.

Friday evening was capped off with the Cirque de Soleil show Zumanity. Last time we were in Vegas we saw another Cirque show – Love, which was awesome. Zumanity was…a little….different. I somehow assumed Zumanity was going to be a little more Zoomanity and would have gorgeous costumes highlighting zoo animals a-la-Lion King. Oh, my, I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Zumanity would more properly be known for their complete lack of costumes. Pretty much all the women were topless and the bottoms were kept to a bare minimum. The males were clothed from the waist down, but overall the show is highly sexual. Which isn’t an all-around terrible thing, unless you are sitting in the fourth row, on the aisle, and the show is big on audience participation. So, we spent the better part of 90 minutes in fear of being brought on stage to be humiliated publicly. Thank little baby Jesus, we weren’t called upon to join the show, but if you’re a little shy I would recommend either seeing a different show or sitting somewhere a little further from stage. All-in-all, it was a good show, but I think there are better Cirque shows to check out in Vegas.

After many tasty meals (not all were highlighted here) and three days filled with bestie fun, we headed home to love on our little.

Honest mom confession: we had a terrific time and I knew Juliet was in the very capable hands of my mom, but I broke my own rule about not worrying and laid awake for hours on our first night worrying that Juliet was going to suffocate in her sleep. Completely irrational, I know, but I couldn’t help myself! I haven’t had a single sleepless night at home and nothing was different, other than I wasn’t at home to protect my baby, so the control freak set in and I was in a mild panic until the sun rose over Vegas and I could text my mom for a proof of life – our sweet girl slept like a champ and awoke just as she has every other morning of her life – with a smile on her face. She survived the weekend and so did mommy and daddy. I was able to mind-over-matter my fears away for the rest of the weekend to let loose and have a blast, but I think it’s safe to say that mama bear sleeps better when her cub is nearby.


  1. Aw, isn’t it funny how not being there makes you worry so much more? Especially for things that are no different when you are not around.
    I am glad to hear that you were able to relax and enjoy yourselves! It looks like you had an amazing trip! <3

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