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I was chatting recently with one of my mom friends about the concept of having a phrase that you routinely say to your child to instill your family values. My friend has an 18-month old and a 4-year old; she has been teaching them both the phrase “be kind and be brave” but she wasn’t quite sure it was sinking in, until she went to pick up her 4-year old from preschool and the teacher told her that another kid in class was having a rough day and my friend’s little guy said to the other kid “it will be OK, just be kind and be brave.” Nothing like that for confirmation that what we teach our littles really does sink in!

Now, I fully appreciate that reciting a phrase to a four month old will have little to no effect, but I’m a planner so I’ve been giving it some thought and the phrase “remember who you are” keeps coming to mind.

We had a very dear family friend pass away last July after a relatively short battle with cancer. Her husband was the pastor who married my husband and me; she was my Aunt’s best friend; she passed away on my wedding anniversary AND it turns out we conceived our daughter on the day of her memorial service. Of course I didn’t know during her memorial service that I was pregnant, but something that her sons shared during this service stuck with me – when they left the house she always said to them “remember who you are.”

I aim to raise our daughter with a solid moral compass, to know right from wrong, to be a leader and to be compassionate. If I raise her with these traits and instill in her that she needs to remember who she is, then it is my hope that when she is faced with underage drinking, or witnesses girls picking on a new kid in school, that she will remember who SHE is and make the decision to stay true to herself and not follow the pack down the wrong path.

Perhaps when I’ve clocked more mothering hours than just four month’s worth I will come up with a new phrase that I want to instill in her, but for now, I think this about sums it up!

I’d love to hear from you! What phrases do you routinely say to your kiddos to instill your family values?


  1. I constantly say to my little when we are doing things how strong and how hard she worked on something. I love the idea of instilling good values early! I wanted to also let you know your blog has inspired me & I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Keep up the great work Mama!

  2. I truly believe that the words sink in and it’s better to start young. I say be mindful and focused instead of be careful because I want my son to be aware but not afraid of things.

    We also recite personal affirmations each morning by looking in our eyes- like I love myself. I’m a peaceful soul 🙂

  3. I love this! I think we assume kids don’t listen because, well they act like they don’t sometimes, but honestly they really do and it’s so important to instill our kids with strong morals.

  4. Not only do I show my son that we should treat humans with kindness but the same goes for animals!

  5. I love the be kind and be brave line! I’m probably not good about this with my kids and need to be better!

  6. Such a amazing inspiring post. We do little affirmations with the kiddos as well. We ay to the kiddos daily, you are brave, you are kind and you are strong. I’m hoping it sticks.

  7. Being kind is so important! I like to say it over and over to my 5 year old! And she gets it, she knows how to be kind and she knows when she is not. These are all such important things we are teaching these tiny humans!

  8. I constantly tell my sons that I love them and that i’m proud of them and that they are nice boys. I feel like if I say that enough, they’ll continue to be nice. I praise them so much about how they treat others, and take it very seriously when they are unkind.

  9. I love this! I try to say many positive things to my son throughout the day, but I love the idea of a specific phrase recited every day! Definitely going to think about this and pick one!

  10. First off, I love that you recite your mantra to your 4 month old because actually it does matter at that age! The emotion, the body language, and image of you will all be something that will be imbedded in her. I also love how you are raising her. At home we have several phrases. “You are beautiful always.” “The more you give, the more you get. And what do you get? Good feelings “

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